Yale Law School Llm Cost

Students and student-designated proxies can see all posted activity to their student account in real time via the university`s online billing and payment system, YalePay (student-accounts.yale.edu/yalepay). At the beginning of each month, email reminders are sent to register for YalePay to verify student account activity, to all students at their official Yale email address, and to all YalePay proxies designated by students. Payment must be made no later than 4 p.m. Eastern Time on the last day of the month. Student accounts, billing and related services are managed by the Student Accounts Office located at 246 Church Street. The office`s website is student-accounts.yale.edu. Applicants for financial aid must complete a free application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA), available online at fafsa.ed.gov. An application for a Financial Aid and Scholarship Tool (FAAST) is also required and available online at faast.law.yale.edu. Applications must be submitted by April 15 for postgraduate students. Admitted students must submit their FAFSA and FAAST as soon as possible after admission. No application for financial assistance will be processed unless it is completed in full, including the necessary information about the parents` finances. Students who are twenty-nine years of age or older on December 31 of the academic year for which the scholarship is requested are not required to provide information about their parents` finances.

Applicants must have strong evidence of academic achievement. In addition, some professional or legal experience in teaching is encouraged after obtaining the first professional qualification. Admission is generally not available to students seeking an LL.M. or have earned or are pursuing an equivalent degree from another law school in the United States. Many law schools offer students the opportunity to acquire their legal and English skills before pursuing an LL.M. In special circumstances, a student enrolled in a young women`s program at a law school recognized by the American Bar Association may apply for full-time admission without a degree. Visiting students can participate for a semester or year and have a credit degree at their home institution. In deciding on these applications, the admissions committee takes into account previous academic achievements and the particular circumstances of the applicants. Quality legal education is expensive, and the law school relies on the university, alumni, and friends to keep annual tuition well below the cost of education per student.

Through a combination of loans, grants, and graduate loan forgiveness programs, the school seeks to further reduce the burden of educational costs that demonstrate financial need. About three-quarters of students receive some form of financial support. Significant assistance to cover the cost of repaying graduate loans is provided through the Career Assistance Program. Yale Law School is also an academic success program recognized by the Veterans Affairs Administration. Our financial aid premiums are based on a budget of tuition and fees, as well as grants for living expenses, books, etc. These budgets reflect our estimate of the cost of a moderate lifestyle in New Haven for the nine-month school year. Application forms are available online at law.yale.edu/llm-admissions. Prompt submission is recommended. On occasion, the Admissions Committee may also contact individual applicants directly for additional information if the Committee deems it relevant to its deliberations. The LL.M. application and all supporting documents must be submitted through LSAC. It is the applicant`s responsibility to ensure that all required documents are received by LSAC in a timely manner.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. The fee is non-refundable if an application is not complete. LL. Admission decisions are usually announced in mid-March. Previous applicants who have not been admitted to the LL.M. must submit a completely new application and pay the application fee. Applicants who have been refused admission three times cannot submit further applications. A Yale payment plan offers parents and students the option to pay education fees monthly. It is designed to relieve the pressure of capital payments by allowing families to spread payments over a period of several months without incurring interest charges. Participation is optional and is elected on an official basis. The cost of registration is $50 per semester.

An application form for visiting students can be requested by email at admissions.law@yale.edu. A completed application for visiting students contains the same documents as those required for transfer applicants. In addition, a request for a visit must include a cover letter explaining the reason for the applicant`s participation and a letter from the applicant`s law school granting permission to attend and stating all the conditions for credits earned at Yale Law School.