When Can You Cut Hedges Legally

When you should prune your buxus plant to get rid of dead and diseased branches, the answer is simple, do it in the spring. Train the small branches to take the right shape and cut the large branches to prevent them from growing outward. For more information on border hedgerows and responsibility, check out our handy guide, and if you`re not sure when to trim a hedge, I`m here for you! If possible, act quickly to prevent hedgerows from becoming more overgrown. If you`re worried about the cost of trimming hedges, our guide to budget hedge trimming equipment can give you peace of mind. A violation of the Federal Nature Conservation Act is considered an administrative offence. This means that if you cut or clear your hedges before October 1st, you expose yourself to fines of up to €50,000. For more information on timing, check out our tips on hedges: cutting time. The prohibition applies to all major pruning or reworking of hedges, trees and shrubs in the garden and on hedges, shrubs, reeds and reeds in nature. The more important work here means what is called “putting on the ground”, that is, the complete cutting, as well as a stronger cut in the perennial wood of the plants. In addition, the complete removal of hedges and other trees is not allowed from March to September. Hedge care is a simple process that can be easily integrated into a landscape routine. We get a lot of questions about hedge cutting.

The trimming of the hedges contributes to its overall health and quality and keeps it in the desired size. As with the width of the plants, the height can be controlled by frequent pruning with a post cutter or with a regular hedge trimmer and a suitable platform. By trimming the hedges to two meters high, the task remains manageable and you can usually prevent things from getting out of control. Hedge trimming is intended to prevent dead or dying branches from harming plants and neighboring people. By removing these branches, you allow the flowers or fruits of the hedge to bloom. Unlike maintenance pruning, pruning is not done to slow down the growth of the hedge, but to actually stimulate it. Another reason gardeners trim their hedges is to remove diseased or pest-infested branches. Hedges, just like other plants, also need their fair share of care to look lush and healthy. They need formative circumcisions and general care circumcisions to stay within limits. As hedges are often composed of different species of trees and shrubs, it is normal for their pruning times to vary. As with trees, there is a “better time” to cut your hedges. If you have a hedge on your property, legislation on high hedges and hedge trimming gives you a certain level of responsibility to ensure it is properly maintained.

This includes keeping the hedge clean and at an appropriate height, caring for it by the right person, and having each pruning at the right time of year so it doesn`t affect local wildlife. This is important because if a high hedge is so high that it interferes with the enjoyment of a house or garden – whether because it obstructs light, obscures a view, or is arrogant – it is considered a form of antisocial behavior. High coverage legislation allows the injured neighbour to take steps to resolve the situation without having to hire lawyers, and if further action is needed, the local council can be involved. If you have concerns about hedgerows and their impact on your neighbours, contact your local planning authority as they will give you specific advice regarding your location. While this article aims to shed light on this topic, please seek professional advice if you have deep problems. Hedges, even solid ones, need not be wider than 60 cm (2 ft.) if they are regularly trimmed. Formal hedges should be slightly tapered on both sides so that the base is wider than the top and light can reach the bottom of the hedge. This is called cutting the hedge into paste. Prune your buxus plant at least 2 times a year.

First in June, when some parts become woody, and a second time between August and September. Perform pruning only on cloudy days, but if this is not an option, spray the plants regularly to prevent the leaves from branching.